Cari Esmont



I am a wife of 30 years to my wonderful husband Chang and a proud mom of two amazing young men, Martin (Paige) and Steven (Megan).

Pittsburgh PA was my hometown until 1985 when I moved to Georgia. That is where I met my husband. In 1988, we got married, 1989 we had our first child, 1990 we had our second child and in 1991, his job transferred us to Alabama. I know, a very busy 4 years.

One of my first jobs after moving to Alabama was working at the Chamber of Commerce in their small business development center as an administrative assistant. This position allowed me to be the office support for the small business incubator.

From there I moved on to become an office assistant for a local homebuilder and that is where my love for the housing industry began.

I worked for that local home builder for 10 years.  Due to Uncontrollable circumstances, the business had to close but I still wanted to be in the housing industry so I accepted a job working for another local real estate company. While I was working there in 2011, I was able to obtain my real estate license and have been a licensed agent since.  During that time,I was able to utilize my license by becoming a property manager.  I was in property management for seven years.  It was time for me to move on and give it a go on the sales side, so I joined House & Home Real Estate, where I am today.

So, from an administrative assistant at the local Chamber of Commerce to office support for a local builder, a property manager and now to a real estate professional that has almost 20 years of experience in the housing industry, I am happy I chose this as my career path.